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[June] Item Roulette Update
Event - 16 06 2022 11:26

Periode Event:
Kamis, 16 Juni 2022 12.00 - Kamis 23 Juni 2022 jam 12.00

Detail Event I:
Khusus selama periode event, akan ada PROMO ROULETTE menjadi 25 Tael !

Detail Event II:

Hai warriors~!
Akan ada update item roulette per hari Kamis, 16 Juni 2022. Selain itu ada penyesuaian rate item untuk roulette. Berikut detail item untuk update roulette kali ini:


Top Literary Pill
Top Military Pill
Effective 5 Enchancement Symbol
1000 Exp Seal Treasure Box
Outstanding 3rd General Card Box
Emperor Woven
High Quality Destiny Set Lucky Bag
Tianwei Qilin Rune (30M)
Greek Skill book lucky Bag
He Shi Bi
Torture Purgatory Ring
Chinese New Year Ang Bao
Zodiac Ornament Lucky Bag
Dragon City Flying Commander
Wild Set Lucky Bag
Emperor Whetstone
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