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Drunken Master
Event - 10 06 2021 11:46
Periode Event:
10 Juni 2021 - 08 Juli 2021 jam 12.00 WIB

Detail Event:

Selama periode event, BOSS Brewmaster Zhang Erxiang akan muncul di area Daming Palace.

Lokasi Boss
Berikut drop item yang bisa kalian dapat:
1st Glyph Fragment
Bacchus Bottle
S-2x Exp
2nd Glyph Fragment
Phoenix Cloak
S-2x Soldier Exp
3rd Glyph Fragment
Meditation Ring
Auction Slot
Acharya Cloth
Wallet (10G)
He Shi Bi
Wallet (50G)
Various Morning Star
Wallet (100G)
Element Talisman
S-Protect Talisman
Physic Talisman
Power of the Soul
Plum Leaves
Immortal Leaves
Goddess Leaves
Lunar Leaves
Dragon Leaves
Green Dragon Leaves
Ultimate Accessories Stone
Spirit Dragon Leaves
Ultimate Weapon Stone
Ultimate Armor Stone
Ultimate Secret Medicine
10,000,000 Experience ball Box
50,000,000 Experience ball Box
100,000,000 Experience ball Box
1000 Exp Seal Treasure Box
Western Glyph Bag
Outstanding 3rd General Card Box

Efek Item Bacchus Bottle:
Setelah digunakan, anggota party akan mendapat Max HP+20000, All Attribute ATK+2%, DEF+3000, selama 30 menit, cooldown 40 menit, efek akan hilang jika mati, tidak akan hilang setelah digunakan. (Akan menggantikan efek dari Feathered Carved dan National Day Festival Drum)
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