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Shepherd Rebellion
Event - 20 05 2021 13:33

Periode Event:
20 Mei - 10 Juni 2021 jam 12.00 WIB

Detail Event:
Selama periode event, bicaralah dengan NPC Battleground Officer untuk dapat pergi ke PVP Battleground (Land of Darkness, Lake Baikal, atau East Dragon Palace)Sheperd Boy akan hadir pada masing-masing PVP Maps (Land of Darkness, Lake Baikal, atau East Dragon Palace). Kalahkan setiap boss epic yang ada di setiap map, sehingga Sheperd Boy akan muncul pada area PVP Map tersebut.

Drop List Sheperd Boy
Snow Antelope
Secret Resource
Heaven Memoir
Ice Remnant
Tyrant World MS Card Box
Western Meteorite
Amber Soul Essence
Wild Pearl Box
Evil Bison Model
8th Energy Book
High Accessories Stone
Virtues Underwear
1D Holy Water
Dragon Soul
Armored Soldiers Package
S-Backpack Box (1D)
S-Warehouse Box (1D)
Perfect Mastery Pill
Dragon Leaves
High Costume Steel
High Weapon Stone
High Armor Stone
XianYang Expedition
S-Clan Warehouse Box (1D)
Plum Leaves
Goddess Leaves
Life Leaves
Immortal Leaves
Green Dragon Leaves
50 Prestige Ball
1H Wuwei Expedition
Wild Set Lucky Bag Formula
Spirit Dragon Leaves
High Costume Cotton
10,000,000 Exp Ball
Ginseng Leaves
Lunar Leaves
Destiny Set Lucky Bag Formula
Secret Medicine
2 Millions EXP Ball
Western Glyph Bag
1Million EXP Ball
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