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Dragon Neptune Invasion
Event - 27 10 2020 13:36

Periode Event
27 Oktober 2020 jam 14.00 WIB - 25 November 2020 jam 14.00 WIB

Detail Event

Selama periode Event, Boss Dragon Palace Neptune akan muncul 8 jam sekali di area Chenliu SuburbXiapei Suburb, dan Lujiang Suburb secara random.


Kalahkan Boss Dragon Palace Neptune untuk mendapatkan reward yang menarik.


Drop List East Dragon Neptune
Dragon Neptune Military Sport
Flying Blue Dragon Model
Costume Collection 1
Costume Collection 2 (Pria)
Costume Collection 2 (Wanita)
Luxury Costume Collection
Slash Mithril
Thrust Mithril
Smash Mithril
Pierce Mithril
Wallet (10G)
Wallet (1G)
50 Prestige Ball
10 Prestige Ball
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